Copywriter/6 year-old Louisiana State Karate and Duck-Calling Champion

Matt Wink

"Matt's good people." - Tom Hanks in 2003

I’m a copywriter.
Well, now, sr. copywriter - but still very immature... in a good way.
"Matt is the best writer." - my mom
I don’t like being redundant.
I'd love to make cool stuff for you. Cool stuff is better than lame stuff.
I did the acting/screenwriting/stand-up comedy thing before getting into the ad game.
I brought Ron Burgundy his mail.
I did stand-up at cool places like UCB, Gotham, The Laughing Skull, etc…
“That was really funny.” – Pete Holmes after my 2nd ever set (my mom didn’t come).
Tom Hanks and Timbaland both call me “Matt.”
Great American Songwriter DMX calls me “James” (long story).
I’m forever on the interwebz in a .gif chewing gum behind Brick Tamland.
I’ve actually done some advertising stuff, too.
I work well with art directors, designers, strategists, account men and women of various stature..
This is good because advertising.
“He’s quite clever, tells good stories and he’s so handsome!” – my mom, again and me running a joke into the ground.