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Buffalo Wild Wings – The Fan Rulebook

National broadcast concept that was later turned into national radio spots.

The Fan Rulebook was an actual list of witty and fun rules that fans should live by. Each rule could spark its own spot. Also, an alternate version using Mark Paul-Gosselar bringing back Zach Morris’ “timeout” method. These rules could have been built into POP signage as well as an actual book that could sold in stores.

Rule #1: It’s not JUST sports.

Rule #2: Fair-weather fan is an oxymoron.

Rule #3: NEVER throw away your lucky jersey. Do change your lucky underwear.

Rule #4: No leaving during the 4th quarter/9th inning. Especially if there are wings left.

Rule #5: High-fives have the highest fan-currency exchange rate.

Rule #6: The only people who deserve to be BOO’d are the ones that BOO.

Rule #7: There is no scientific formula for “The Greatest Team Ever.”

Rule #8: There are no rules for celebrating goals. Go nuts.

Rule #9: Root for YOUR team… but watch ALL the games.

Rule #10: The 12th man can’t take a game off. You’re too valuable.

Rule #11: Team colors must be worn on game day. Always.

Rule #12: If you HAVE to re-sell your tickets: Never sell to a rival.

Rule #13: You DON’T know more than the head coach. You just don’t.

Rule #14: No DVRing big games. Football shouldn’t have spoiler alerts.

Rule #15: When the home team’s QB tries to quiet the crowd… BE QUIET!

Rule #16: The ref is always right. Except when he’s wrong.

Rule #17: “Oh, they’re my 2nd team. That’s why I’m rooting for them,” is not a thing.

Rule #18: Live animals are the coolest mascots. There is no debate.

Rule #19: Rival football fans CAN share a beer. After. But the loser always buys.

Rule #20: If a player tosses a ball into the crowd after a TD, give it to the kid.

Rule #21: Never turn down a high-five. EVER.

Rule #22: If you see a fellow fan in a rival team’s territory, show your support.

Rule #23: Your team greater than Your fantasy team. Root accordingly.

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