Copywriter/6 year-old Louisiana State Karate and Duck-Calling Champion

Vegetarian Support Hotline – 2016 North American Effie Award Winner/2016 Atlanta ADDY Award Winner – Silver

Case Study

Hotline Video

“This is the best damn commercial ever written and done… hands down.” – Actual person who exists and is not my mom

Arby’s was launching their new Brown Sugar Bacon sandwiches and wanted some buzz. Buzz they got.
First, I wrote an unorthodox press release targeted at vegetarians who may be struggling with the temptation of bacon. It became PR Newswire’s most read press release of all time.
I then wrote a script for an actual hotline we set up where plant-lovers could call and leave voicemails. Lots of people liked this.
To support that, I wrote a script for a digital video that was shared socially, driving people to the hotline.
All of this was hosted on a microsite:
Vegetarians wrote lots of mean things; Time Magazine, HuffPo, ABC News, Good Morning America, Fox News and others wrote and said very nice things.
(My girlfriend, a vegetarian, still likes me)

  • For Arby’s

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