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Ric Flair - "It's Lit"

“Twitter’s best Tweet ever.”
“That needs to be in the @OxfordWords”
“Whoever runs the Twitter account, you the real MVP”
“This is the greatest thing that’s ever happened.”
Look, it’s not a brand campaign. It’s not a a Super Bowl commercial. I don’t know if it’s “cool” to put a “Tweet” in your book… but when WWE writes about it and Ric Flair takes notice, the it goes in my book.
It started out simple enough — one of the community managers found Flair’s Tweet and threw out some ideas on how to respond. But, being a lifelong wrestling fan, I knew exactly what needed to happen to “get over” with the Twitter-verse and I crafted the response. The reaction was kind of insane and almost 100% positive. Even Reddit had only nice things to say when it made it to the top post in /r/Squaredcircle, and those dudes never like anything. In addition to the crazy engagement on the post itself, on-platform, CBS Sports shared their own graphic featuring the Tweet AND that got over 8,000 likes.

I guess you could say this tweet was lit.

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