Copywriter/6 year-old Louisiana State Karate and Duck-Calling Champion

University of Alabama - SupeStore - 2017 Birmingham Addy Winner

My partner and I were tasked with launching U of A’s new bookstore on the edge of campus, in the shadows of Bryant Denny Stadium. This wasn’t a normal bookstore – this was like if Barnes and Noble gutted out a huge two story building and filled the bottom half with nothing but national championship gear. When we went to check it out during construction, we couldn’t hide from the stadium staring at us through the windows. We tapped into the inescapable fact that the history of Alabama football towered over anything else about the store. Yeah, students could get their books, MacBooks, and whatever else they needed for class — but this was going to be where 100,000 people stopped in before and after games to stock up on Crimson and White. We wanted our pieces to be so cool that they weren’t ads, but collectible pieces. We wanted them to be so dope that students stole them to hang up in their dorm rooms. The results were these awesome modernizations of classic Tide posters and a 2017 Birmingham Addy.

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