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Beautiful Bond the salon is a Petco partnership birthed by Instagram personality Topher Brophy and his dog Rosenberg and is totally not real. As an elaborate April Fool’s Day joke we created a fake salon that provides humans detailed makeovers in attempt to make them look like their pets. We faked a salon in a high-end studio in Chelsea, brought in snakes, fish, hairless cats and lots of dogs, professional photographers, Broadway MUAs and sent it out into the world with a teaser video, followed a week later by the full introduction featuring Topher as host and co-owner. It was all hosted on a landing page we created in-house and traffic was driven to it via social channels using the videos.

Once it was revealed as an elaborate gag, we received accolades from a multitude of outlets and we were included in the top April Fool’s Day brand activations by Ads of the World, AdWeek, Time, WePo, Nerdist and more. We also had a huge increase in engagement, 300% more than the previous year. We even had people fooled to the point that actual Petco employees thought it was real – we may need to actually make it happen.

  • For Petco

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