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Goodell shops at Petsmart.

We had this random billboard that stood in very close proximity to Gillette Stadium in Foxboro. The original ask was to do something boring and make it about our low prices on food or how we all these service or blah, blah, blah. Knowing how much Patriot fans despise NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and always looking for ways to distinguish us from PetSmart, our bitter rival, we concocted this gem which was immediately killed by the shopping complex – which was owned by Robert Kraft and didn’t want that kind of juju on him. But we have built up such a strong love and passion for it internally that we convinced everyone from our CD to legal to purchase another billboard in the Boston area, down the street from TD Garden, and put it up the week of the NFL draft and in a highly visible area for fans heading to watch the Bruins and Celtics in the playoffs. The response was kind of nuts – from extensive write-ups from spots like Yahoo and Barstool to an almost 100% net positive rating from the good people who make up the Twitter-verse, which is rarely unified on anything.

  • For Petco

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